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WISE OWL Dining Tables for Your Home

Live Edge Dining Tables and Solid Wood Communal Tables

Finding the perfect dining table to be the hallmark of your home or your project can be an exhausting search. WISE OWL offers several dining table designs in a variety of natural exotic hardwoods, live edge dining tables, or hard edge. Each table is custom made to order and is available in just about any size. We also offer custom design services to come up with a unique, one-of-a-kind creation that is perfect for your space.

The Process: Masterful craftsmanship from start to finish.

From start to finish, every step in the creation of our live edge dining tables is carefully considered. Beginning with the sourcing process, we work conscientiously to ensure that our raw materials are both ideally suited to the project, as well as ethically sourced. Monkey Pod, Parota, Jatoba, Sapale and occasionally other hardwoods are sourced from various areas throughout Central America. The primary source of wood slabs for our bespoke furniture is Costa Rica which is more than 4,000 miles from our Buffalo workshop. 

Once we have found the perfect wood for our slab tables, we move on to the process of preparing it. Slabs are air-dried for a period of up to two years. Residual moisture is removed in a heated kiln which may take an additional three months. The slabs are then planed and spend up to a month in an acclimation period in our Buffalo workshop before we begin the transformation process. It is only at this point that a raw slab is ready to be metamorphosed into a beautiful solid wood table.

The work of constructing the perfect live edge dining table is not complete until we have ensured that it has the kind of longevity that will make it a timeless piece. Each of our live edge tables is protected with several coats of deep oil sealer and preserved with top finishing coats of liquid ceramic. This process brings out and accentuates the beauty of the wood grain patterns and other naturally-occurring characteristics that are particularly noticeable in our exotic hardwoods. The result is a live edge wood table with natural slab characteristics that are an integral part of the beauty of the finished work of art.

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Live Edge Table Product Specifications

When it comes to your live edge table, WISE OWL takes customization seriously. We steer away from the generic, choosing the path of the extraordinary instead. Our WISE OWL Signature live edge dining tables are tailored to the desires of the customer. Whether you are looking for live edge conference tables for a business interior or a live edge dining table for your home, we ensure that your WISE OWL masterpiece is exactly what you had in mind.

We accomplish this level of customization through a process of direct consultation with prospective customers. From our Buffalo, New York location, we brainstorm the ideal live edge table to suit your exact needs. Every client has a different dream for our free edge tables – whether that’s a statement piece in your home, the core pieces of your restaurant interior or the perfect meeting table in your office.

To catalyze the brainstorming and creative process, here are the general product specifications of each WISE OWL exotic live edge wood table:


Our tabletops are mostly made from exotic live edge Parota or Monkey Pod. If you would prefer, we also offer other exotic hardwoods such as Brazilian cherry, Wild Cashew, Gavilan Limon, Titor, Bullet wood, Blackbeads and Possum wood. You probably haven't heard of most of these wood species; that is because these species are all very rare and are highly protected in the beautiful jungles of Central America. We are lucky enough to get our hands on these rare wood species after they are responsibly sourced when a tree has fallen and removed from the jungle. 


This is where our design truly sets us apart from the rest. We are lucky enough to have two of the highest skilled metal fabricators on the East Coast in our shop. This means we can fabricate the most incredible base you can think of, or we can keep it simple and let the table top take the spotlight; thats up to you. 


Our slabs vastly vary in size and shape. We have round cross-cut slabs that go from 30" in diameter all the way up to 80" in diameter while our rectangular slabs can range from 6' to 25' long. All slabs have a bare minimum of 2 1/8" in thickness. 


Each one of our natural edge tables is made to order from our workshop in Buffalo, New York.

Turnaround time

Due to the intricacies of the process, our free edge tables require a six to ten week lead time.


We are locally-proud and internationally connected. We serve both the needs of our immediate community in New York, as well as ship throughout the United States and internationally